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Zep Comparable Products Page
Zep Comparable Products Page

Dymon Products
Supply Hero now features many products that are comparable to ZEP® cleaning chemicals; made by ITW Dymon, that our customers are finding superior AND at substantial savings.

Please review the chart below and click the ITW Dymon item number to be taken directly to the item description.  We are offering you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with the comparable ITW Dymon product.

Dymon Product # *Dymon Product ZEP® Products ZEP®
Product #
DYM 28420 Mechanic's Friend Plus - 20oz. 12/case Aerolube™ -Heavy-Duty, Multi-Purpose Lubricant. Micronized Teflon and Vydax dispersions. 20oz. 12/case # 018901
DYM 40320 Big Blast Safety Solvent - 20oz. 12/case Zep Aerosolve II® - Solvent Degreaser. All Purpose Degreaser. 24oz. 12/case # 018101
DYM 09420 Battery Cleaner & Protector - 20oz. 12/case Battery care - Battery Terminal Cleaner. Prolongs battery life by removing acids and corrosion. 20oz. 12/case # 030801
DYM 42272 "Scrubs-in-a-Bucket - 72/tub 6 tubs/case. SCRUBS® are the pre-moistened, heavy duty hand cleaner towels that go where you go! SCRUBS® easily remove soil from your hands and leaves them clean and conditioned anywhere you are working. Powerful, yet safe, patented citrus-based formula works together with an absorbent, non-scratching abrasive hand cleaner towel for proven performance." Clean 'ems™ - Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaning Towels. 6 tubs/case # 100001
DYM 07720 Lemon Wax Furniture Polish - 20oz. 12/case Dazzle™- High Luster Furniture Cleaner and Polish. 24oz. 12/case # 022001
DYM 45020 CFC Free Electrical Contact Cleaner/Degreaser - 20oz.12/case Zep Elec II™ - Electrical Contact Cleaner. Removes dirt and oil from precision equipment with no residue. 20oz. 12/case # 007201
DYM 07820 Graffiti Remover -20oz./12case Zep Erase® - Chlorinated Solvent Graffiti Remover. Highly Concentrated Aerosol to Remove Graffiti on all surfaces. 24oz. 12/case # 031101
DYM 36505 Solitaire Plus Floor Finish - 5gal. Zep Finish First™ - X-tra Durable, Pleasantly Scented Floor-Finish. 4gal./case - # 522801
DYM 18520 The END Crawling Insect Killer- 20oz. 12/case Zep Flush 'n Kill DM™ - Water-Based Crack and Crevice Surface Spray. 24oz. 12/case # 013501
DYM 04720 Foam Coil Cleaner, Non-Acid Self Rinsing - 20oz. 12/case Foaming Coil Cleaner- Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner. 20oz. 12/case # 020201
DYM 38520 New Glass Cleaner Clear Reflections - 20oz. 12/case Glass Cleaner- Glass and All Surface Cleaner. 24oz. 12/case # 001901
DYM 26101 Top to Bottom Body Shampoo- 4 x 1gal./case Head-to-Toe™ - Body and Hair shampoo. 4 x 1gal./case # 097501
DYM 91401 Insect Sheild / Repellant Towel 100/box 30% DEET Hunter's Sta-A-Way™- High Strength Insect Repellent. 23%DEET 8oz/12/case - # 012701
DYM 40320 Safety Solvent- Chlorinated, Non-flammable. 20oz. - 12/case I.D. Red™ -Fast Evaporating Solvent Degreaser 12oz. 24/case # 009601
DYM 36505 Solitaire Plus Floor Finish - 5gal. ZepImage™ -High Gloss Finish for UHS Burnishing. Wet look with Frequent Burnishing. 4gal./case # 193501
DYM 42230 SCRUBS Hand Sanitizer Wipes -250/box kills 99.9% Instant Hand Sanitizer- Waterless, Alcohol Hand Sanitizer-kills 99.5%. 4oz.- 24/case # 090801
DYM 37420 Water Based Dustmop Treatment - 20oz. 12/case Magnet- Water™-Based Dust Mop and Cloth Spray 20oz. 12/case # 008001
DYM 33420
DYM 33432
Liquid Alive Cleaner & Deodorizer - 20oz. Aerosol or 32oz. Trigger sparayer. 12/case Odorstroyer® - Cleaner & Dedorizer. Uses live bacteria action. 12qts/case # 177701
DYM 13620 Natural Force (Engine) Jelled Degreaser - 20oz. 12/case Orange Gel Degreaser - Organic, Petroleum Free Cleaner/Degreaser/Deodorizer 24oz. 12/case # 000101
DYM 38732 Jelled Oven Cleaner - 12qt./case Oven Brite™ - Stove and Oven Cleaner. 12qts./case # 104801
DYM 13620 Natural Force (Engine) Jelled Degreaser - 20oz. 12/case Power Solv II™ - Solvent Degreaser w/ Jet Spray. 24oz. 12/case # 020301
DYM 40220 Brake Parts Cleaner / Degreaser - 20oz. 12/case Powersolv 5000™- Degreasing and Cleaning Solvent. 4gal./case # 002101
DYM 34620 Foaming Baseboard Stripper - 20oz. 12/case Powerhouse™ - Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Wax Stripper. Removes Soil and Wax Build-up. 24oz. 12/case # 028201
DYM 38732 Jelled Oven Cleaner - 12qt./case Quick™- Stove/Grill/Hood Degreaser. 12qt./case # 146103
DYM 16220 Grease Gun in a can - 20oz. 12/case Redi-grease™ - Heavy-Duty Aluminium Grease. Multi-Purpose, Complex Grease. 20oz. 12/case # 011501
DYM 33320 Anti-static & Soil glass cleaner - 20oz. 12/case Screen Clean - Anti-Static Cleaner and Polish. 20oz. 12/case # 007001
DYM 70020 Dry Breeze Nice Air - 20oz. 12/case Smoke Screen™ Deodorizer - Smoke Odor Neutralizer. 20oz. 12/case # 018701
DYM 36505 Solitaire Plus Floor Finish - 5gal. Zep Solitare™ - High-Gloss Floor Finish Designed for Daily Ultra High-Speed Burnishing. 4gal./case # 134124
DYM 08032 Do-It-All Foaming Cleaner -12qt./case Spirit™ -Germicidal Cleaner and Deodorant for use on All Hard Surfaces. 12qts./case # 067601
DYM 08020 Do-It-All Foaming Cleaner - 4 x 1gal./case Spirit II™ - Non-phenolic Cleaner. Improved formula, Hospital Grade Germicidal Cleaner and Deodorant. 12qts./case # 067901
DYM 07920 Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protector - 20oz. 12/case Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish- Cleaner, Brightener, and Protectant for Steel, Chrome and Aluminum. 20oz. 12/case # 014301
DYM 10620 Eliminator - 20oz. 12/case Step one™ -Detergent and Solvnet Spot Remover. 20oz. 12/case # 006801
DYM 42120 Glass/Utility Foaming Cleaner - 20oz. 12/case Zep Streak-Out 40™-Out 40 - Non-Streaking Cleaner for Non-Conductive Surfaces. 24oz. 12/case # 008401
DYM 45120 The END Dry Fog Flying Insect Killer - 20oz. 12/case Total Control Double Shot™ - Broad Spectrum Insecticide. Indoor/Outdoor. 24oz. 12/case # 024901
DYM 18320 The END Wasp & Hornet Killer - 20oz./12/case - sprays 20ft. 40k volts Total Control™ Wasp and Hornet Killer - Solvnet Knockdown Spray. Outdoor Only. 24oz. 12/case # 007901
DYM 18320 The END Wasp & Hornet Killer - 20oz./12/case - sprays 20ft. 40k volts Tox™- Wasp and Hornet Killer. Sprays 12ft. 32k volts. 20oz 12/case- # 012501
DYM 26820 Inside and Out - 20oz. 12/case Zep® Vinyl Cleaner - Clean and Restore Vinyl with a Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner. 24oz. 12/case # 023401
DYM 21420 Lemon Glo Polish - 20oz. 12/case Wood Doctor® - Wood Cleaner and Polish. 20oz. 12/case # 006701
DYM 08020 Do it all Foaming Cleaner - 20oz. 12/case Zep® 30 - Cleaner and Disinfectant. Specially Designed for Bathrooms. 20oz. 12/case # 000301
DYM 38520 New Glass Cleaner Clear Reflections - 20oz. 12/case Zep® 40 -Non-Streaking Cleaner for Non-Conductive Surfaces. 24oz. 12/case # 014401
DYM 28420 Mechanic's Friend Plus - 20oz. 12/case Zep® 45 - NC -Non-Chlorinated Pentrating Lubricant. Teflon and Vydax Particles Reduce Friction and Wear. 24oz. 12/case # 014901
DYM 37620 Natural Force Solvent Blast Degreaser - 20oz. 12/case Zep® 55 - Natural Solvent-Based Cleaner/Degreaser. For Industrial Equipment, Bushings, Bearings, and Switches. 24oz. 12/case # 008101
DYM 19220 All Purpose Foaming Cleaner - 20oz. 12/case Zep® 60 - All-Purpose Cleaner and Degeaser. Water-based, All-Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser, and Wax Stripper. 24oz. 12/case # 027301
DYM 20116
DYM 20124
Softtouch Waterless Hand Cleaner 12/16oz. Tubes or 12/24oz. Tubes Zep-O-Kreme™ - Heavy-Duty Waterless Hand Cleaner - 6/105oz. Tubes # 096516
DYM 10620 Eliminator Stain and Spot remover - 20oz. 12/case Zep-X-Out II™ -Stain and Spot Remover. Removes Gum, Lipstick, Tar. 24oz. 12/case # 019501
DYM 36520 Solitaire Floor Finish - 5gal. Zeparade Finish™ - Cost Effective,Low Maintenance Finish 4gal./case - # 201424
DYM 11920 Spot Foam Carpet Cleaner - 20oz. 12/case Zepassist™ - Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo. Excellent for "Quick Fix" Clean-ups. 24oz. 12/case # 032301
DYM 28420 Mechanic's Friend Plus - 20oz. 12/case Zeplon™ -Teflon Lubricant. Dry Film Lubricant Containing Teflon. 20oz. 12/case # 027601
DYM 32320 Lemon Oil Furniture Polish 20oz. 12/case Zepsheen™ -Furniture Cleaner and Polish Containing Lemon Oil, 20oz. 12/case # 021601
DYM 13620 Natural Force (Engine) Jelled Degreaser - 20oz. 12/case Zepunch™ - Engine Degreaser. Heavy-duty, Solvnet-Based, Emulsifying Degreaser. 24oz. 12/case # 030701
DYM 08020 Do it all Foaming Cleaner - 20oz. 12/case Zepventure™ - Quat-based Disinfectant Deodorizer, and Cleaner. 24oz. 12/case # 004301
DYM 38520 New Glass Cleaner Clear Reflections - 20oz. 12/case Zepvue™ - R.T.U.- Heavy-Duty Glass Cleaner. 12qts./case # 101001
DYM 34720 Medaphene Plus Disinfectant - 20oz. 12/case Zepynamic®-A - Phenolic Disinfectant and Deodorant. Disinfects Areas Soiled by Blood or Bodily Fluids. 24.oz 12/case # 011001

*Zep® is a registered trademark of Acuity Brands, Inc. and is used only for comparison purposes. The products offered for sale on this website are not Zep® products, but are products manufactured by ITW DYMON that are comparable to. The names of Zep® brand products identified with a ® or a ™ are registered trademarks of Acuity Brands, Inc. Zep® brand products are available only through Zep Manufacturing Company, a division of Acuity Specialty Products Group, Inc.

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